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3 min readMar 16, 2021


TN Election 2021- Whom to Vote and Why?

The next 15 to 20 days is very crucial for all of us (for TN) because we have the responsibility to choose the future leaders in the forthcoming election on 6th April 2021.

The public has the power to choose their future leaders and it’s important to calibrate our thought process before we ink our fingers to make the right choice.

I’m specifically not going to talk about the ideologies here, the reason being we have to think beyond this now. I’m not saying it’s not required, rather it’s given. So let’s not dwell deep into the ideologies etc. Also as voters, we should only think about what the party and leaders stand for sans their personal lives. (I wanted to start with these two disclaimers.)

Duopoly and Loyalty:

I want to highlight what has been the current politics so far and what these legacy parties have done to date. They have built loyalty and a deep-rooted structure to protect the vote bank (“kattamaippu” Tamil word). Since there is loyalty, we are more tolerant of all their corruption, mismanagement of governance, and the worst is we will forgive and forget about their mistakes voting them back again. These hapless loyalists/public out of no choice have to support and evangelize their leadership and party. You see them everywhere and they have no ears for any new thoughts, diametrical to their loyal parties or their leaders.

These two parties have always been blaming the other party as more corrupt, spitting venom on each other is how they do politics.

Party leaders should be loyal to the party and Voters should not be loyal. But you know what is the irony, it’s happening the other way round.

The public should reject and accept parties based on performance, honesty, transparency, and policies that build the nation/state. The public should grow beyond the Boolean thinking of voting between the two. Some clichés like “Best of the worst”, “Best of two evils” floating among the public is not creating better options for people. A monopoly business and a duopoly party system are not good for people and society. Only when there are more options performance, honesty, service will thrive. Let’s break the rules ( AAP — is a classic example of change that has brought good to people )

People — have nothing to lose by making a new choice:

Both the legacy parties are not going to make any new policies to change our lives for the better. We all know that then why not take a chance? We have nothing to lose when we go beyond the duopoly. If the new party is not performing, you now have 3 options to choose from in the next five years. Who doesn’t want options? Don’t settle, take a leap of faith and try for a change. The change has to start with you.

The Dravidian parties came to power for a reason 70 years ago, that was a change then. Now it's time for a change again for the better tomorrow, let the old school of thought wean. It’s time for neo polity culturist to emerge with fresh thoughts which are relevant for today.

What has got us here is not going to take us there. Yes, for us to reach our future goals we should embrace change. A promising honest government that can embrace change and can unite people irrespective of their cast-creed, religion, and economic status. A government with honest leaders and leadership with a vision for TN.

If you are not willing to change your options we will remain the same. Our ancestors moved from caves to houses for the good… Change is inevitable. Don’t let your blind loyalty keep you in dark.

We have nothing to lose by breaking the loyalty and embracing change. Let that happen now!

It’s time to pass the Torch to the deserving party /leadership.

Be the reason for the change.

Be the reason for better TN.

Be the reason for a better future for future generations.

Be the reason to bring honest politics back to life.

Tomorrow is ours!



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